Measurement technology for electromagnetic fields

ESM-100 H/E Fieldmeter

The ESM-100 3D H/E Field Meter is a unique, patented, hand-held measuring instrument which allows easy measuring of alternating electric and magnetic fields at the same time, independent of direction and corresponding to one common point. With this device anyone is able to make professional, error-free measurements right from the start.

The Application

Electric current plays an important role in practically all areas of life. Nevertheless, tension and current generate electric and magnetic fields which for their part can lead to negative effects on health. Legislators have reacted to this with various standards and regulations, such as 26. BImSchV, directive 2013/35/EU, DIN VDE 0848, DGUV, EMFV, BGV B11 etc. and by so doing underline the relevance that electric and magnetic fields have for our health.

Modern-day, high-performance electronics is revolutionising nearly all areas of modern electrotechnology. It enables higher processing speeds, more efficient use of energy and completely new applications.

On the other hand, with increasing current strength and switching speeds, interference with sensitive control mechanisms increases dramatically.

In order to be able to trace these reliably and rapidly, electric and magnetic field measuring instruments are very helpful. In this case, too, the simultaneous measurement of electric and magnetic fields plays an important part, since both components alter unpredictably and independently of each other and their effects when added together can cause interference.

By means of the FFT option, the success of measures to suppress interference, such as using filters, shielding or modifying cable runs are immediately visible.

Using the small sensor, sources of interference can be measured precisely from close up without values being distorted due to averaging. In comparison with devices which measure magnetic and electric fields separately, measuring time is halved.

Even if today, for instance, only the magnetic field seems to be of interest, the electric field is automatically measured along with it and is available tomorrow at the press of a button, retroactively for all the measurements stored.

  • Patented, simultaneous isotropic measurement of E and H fields
  • Frequency range from 5Hz – 400kHz
  • Measuring range 1nT – 20mT and 0.1V/m - 100kV/m
  • 6 channel FFT and oscilloscope function
  • Simple and intuitive operation to avoid measurement errors
  • Possibility of handheld E-Field measurements
  • High precision ±5% and high long time stability
  • Standard compliant measurements 26. BImSchV, Directive 2013/35/EU, DIN VDE 0848, DGUV, BGV B11, EMFV, EN50366
  • Long Term Recording over 24 h, independent of mains and computer
  • Tripod connection for use as active measuring head and for potential-free measurements
  • long-term memory for up to 65520 measured values in the measuring device
  • Four bandpass filters
  • Switchable to 1D measurement
  • Programmable signal tone
  • Clearly structured display with illumination
  • Splash-proof and dust-proof according to IP65
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany

The Software

has been specially developed for the ESM-100 measuring instrument and fulfils the needs and particularities of EMC measurements. It can be used error-free, easily and intuitively.

By means of tabs, you can follow the readings as on the instrument display or display them graphically in real time on the chart recorder. All measured values can be displayed, stored and exported. Scaling and labelling of the axes is done automatically.

A multiplicity of functions makes the job easier. The optional FFT function can carry out a Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) for all six measuring axes at the same time or display the measuring signals as oscillograms.

The optional cartography module makes easy work of creating three-dimensional field strength diagrams.

Special functions such as displaying frequency-dependent limit values or load-dependent power factor correction for magnetic field measurements facilitate taking measurements as specified by Norms and Standards.

With the aid of the optional GPS Logger, the readings can be displayed in Google Earthtm.

The software is ideally suited to the prescribed documentation on measurements, as well as to remote control of the ESM-100 via its fibre optic cable.

  • Fast Fourier analysis of the six measuring axes
  • Oscilloscope presentation of six measuring axes
  • Display of frequency-dependent limiting values
  • Display of readings in Google Earthtm by GPS
  • Optional mapping of readings
  • Real-time, graphic display of readings
  • Display of readings in table form
  • Text box for each reading
  • Readout of ESM-100 memory
  • Chart recorder with event triggering
  • Magnetic field power factor correction
  • Remote control of the ESM-100
  • Export of graphs and tables
  • Easy and intuitive to operate

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